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The company FINANCIERE CINCINNATUS was established in 2010 by Cyril Ravilly, founding associate and managing partner, in order to offer his skills and experience to managers or shareholders of small and mid-market companies requiring expert assistance  to perform their equity transactions (capital increase, external growth, capital restructuring, …).


FINANCIERE CINCINNATUS participates in all sorts of transactions: acquisitions (advisory buy-side), disposals (advisory sell-side) but also strategic advice to company owners or managers wishing to ensure value creation for their assets.


The firm is specialized in both the service sector and technology industries for all types of clients (from large industrial groups to innovative small & mid-sized companies...).


Independent from any financial investor, the structure of the company guarantees its impartiality to towards third-party consultancy firms, financial institutions and all other stakeholders of equity transactions. It has specialized in mid-sized operations with -high sensitivity or technical complexity. 


FINANCIERE CINCINNATUS accompanies its clients in four main areas:




According to tradition, Cincinnatus, a Roman citizen of the 5th century BC, was dedicated to the cultivation of his land when the Senators came to beg him to help Rome avert invasion and to accept the Roman dictatorship. He knew that his departure might ruin his family, already impoverished as a result of their son’s trial, if, in his absence, the crops are not taken care of.  Nevertheless, he accepted the mission. Within 16 days, he released the imprisonned consul, defeated the enemies of Rome at the battle of Algide mountain, had them judged and removed from power. His restitution of power by the end of the crisis became, for future Roman dictators, an example of good leadership, dedication to the public interest,  virtue and modesty.  

"The Senate representatives  found him naked and farming beyond the Tiber: he immediately received the insignia of his dignity, and succeeded to release the imprisonned Roman consul. Also Minucius and his legions gave him a golden crown. He defeated the enemies, received the surrender walk before his chariot, on the day of his triumph. He  resigned from the dictatorship 16 days after having accepted it, and returned to cultivate his field. »

— Aurelius Victor, Famous men of the City of Rome, XVII, L. Quinctius Cincinnatus"


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